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Taiyo Kagaku Toryo Co., Ltd. is a professional group of "the dispersion processing specialty" that I am given it in trust and process of various distributed processing by the roll mill & the beads mill in Koshigaya-shi, Saitama. I promise the correspondence that is thyme Lee only by the domestic processing.

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We are professional groups of "a dispersion processing specialty" processing the trust of various distributed processing by the high roll mill beads mill and to answer a close demand of the visitor. I promise the correspondence that is timely only by the domestic processing.
Hand-operated steering wheel-type Three roll mills
Solar panel of the roof
I think so that I reflect "the work" which a splendid product believes so born ..., and we Taiyo Kagaku Toryo Co.,Ltd. sent for half a century when the needs of many regular customers at that time and our technology fused beyond dispute in the time.
To technology and the sensitivity to meet a warm demand it is altitude including the distributed processing that use hand-operated steering wheel-type three roll mills daringly in now of the 21st century, and repeat an effort for technical training that can make full use of the operation freely, upbringing of the talented person every day and and decide it to be particular; others is not precocious.
Thanks to you, the principle of a little production gets warm trust from many clients our many kinds of high quality. I will push on from now on as "a professional group of the industries" in order I assume environment an important issue with operation and improve construction, maintenance, environmental conservation activity of the structure of the environmental quality continuously, and I am sufficient, and to meet reduction of setting, the CO2 emission of the solar power plant and our role to call for in the times.


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Head office company building
Taiyo Kagaku Toryo Co.,Ltd.
3-55, Nomachi, Oma, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama,
TEL +81-48-987-0131 / FAX +81-48-987-0132


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